Play with the Dragons

  • Get to know the Earth Dragon

    to help you stay centered, grounded and in tune with your Divine Purpose.

  • Work with the Water Dragon

    to aid with healings involving emotional issues such as anxiety, depression or a broken heart.

  • Call in the Fire Dragon

    to activate strength and motivation, as well as help in overcoming illnesses quickly.

  • Allow the Air Dragon

    to bring in new ideas, enhance communication and connect with vision.

You can use Arcturian Reiki to:

  • Start your own reiki practice anywhere
  • Add Arcturian Reiki to your existing services, bundle or combine with your modalities
  • Attract new clients by inviting them to experience this unique type of reiki
  • Expand your spiritual growth and deepen your connection to yourself
  • Learn something fun and share with your family and friends

After taking the Arcturian Reiki Online Course, you will be able to send Arcturian Reiki to others both in person and over distance, and you can start practicing right away!

Meet Your Instructor

  • Collean O'Brien

    Collean O'Brien

    Collean O'Brien is an Arcturian Reiki Master and Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner. She originally earned her Master's Degree in Computer Science at Villanova University and worked for several years in the corporate IT field before pursuing a career as a professional, on-camera actress. Through her work with these energy healing modalities, Collean has been able to more fully embrace being herself, rather than having to "act" as someone else, and she now shares her gifts helping others rediscover themselves. To learn more, you are invited to visit Collean’s website at

Here's what people are saying

about their experience with Arcturian Reiki

Yolanda P

I love this Reiki

Yolanda P

Arcturian Reiki is way easier, way faster, and way funner than any other type of reiki! And Collean really knows her stuff. I am so glad I took this course!
Jasmine H

Collean is the real deal

Jasmine H

Working with and getting to know Collean O'Brien is hands down one of the most magical awe inspiring projects to date for me. I most recently received a Arcturian Reiki session and was absolutely blown away with the experience.I have experienced dozens of different healers and modalities over the past few years, and I can honestly say, that Collean is the real deal.
Jenn M

An amazing experience

Jenn M

My experience with Acturian Reiki and Collean was amazing! The fire dragon came in with the Acturians and balanced me out. I hurt my arm a couple weeks ago and after the healing the pain has released and I am able to lift my arm up! Yay Collean! Thank you, the Acturians and the Dragons! Love, love, love
Kayla V

Helping me integrate all the elements in my psyche

Kayla V

Integrating all the elements in my psyche is something I've been trying to do for a while now, and I felt Collean's Arcturian Reiki session helped me do just that. I felt a sense of support and guidance from each of the dragons brought forth, particularly the Water and Earth dragons. I left the energy healing with a sense of peace, even after a very stressful experience only about an hour beforehand. I also gained some clarity about how better to approach finances and how I define abundance. Collean has a very soothing voice and did an excellent job leading the Reiki session. I would highly recommend this service!
Deanne B

Feeling more supported and expanded

Deanne B

Today I experienced a beautiful energy transmission through Arcturian Reiki from Collean O'Brien. I immediately was surrounded by the Water Dragon pouring water over me, it was so refreshing and expansive. I am grateful for Collean to be able to hold this space as I was also witness to the other dragons and experienced similar support and messages and feel more aligned to the path I have been moving in short strides with but feel with today's transmission some new beginnings will be unfolding. Thank you so much!

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